Mama Lor Filipino Restaurant | Grill | Bakery – Rooty Hill, Sydney NSW

5 Fabulous Filipino Restaurants In Sydney That Are Well Worth The Hype

Go on a culinary journey to the Philippines without leaving Sydney at these excellent spots around town.

You can find just about any cuisine from around the world here in Sydney. If you’re after Filipino flavours, you’ll find a few spots around the city dishing out everything from the classics to fusion fare and more. If you’re craving flavourful Adobo or the crispy goodness of Lechon, head to the following Filipino restaurants in Sydney to get your Filipino food fix.
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1. Lazza Marrickville

Find everything from sizzling platters to delicious pork sisig, crispy dinaguan, kare-kare and desserts like turon paired with taro ice cream at this Marrickville eatery. Serving some of the best Filipino food in Sydney, the restaurant offers an easy and laidback dining experience complemented by an inventive menu and excellent service. Check out their Instagram page for more.
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2. Sizzling Fillo Lidcombe

Sizzling Fillo in Lidcombe serves traditional Filipino cuisine in a vibrant atmosphere complete with karaoke for the perfect evening. Their menu consists of everything from grilled pork liempo to succulent chicken aboro, crispy fried milkfish and more. Don’t forget to try the popular halo-halo dessert with comprises velvety taro ice cream with colorful toppings. Check out their full menu here.

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3. Sydney Cebu Lechon (Charcoal Roast Pork)

Sydney Cebu Lechon in Enmore is filled with Filipino charm both in its decor and its extensive menu. Find rustic tables adorned with woven straw details and packets of snacks dangling from the ceiling. This is also one of the only places in Sydney that serve roasted lechlon (roasted suckling pig) which also happens to be the highlight of their menu. Marinated for 48 hours in a brine infusion, it’s then rolled with a medley of garlic, lemongrass, spring onions, bay leaves, and fragrant herbs. Find their full menu here.

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4. Mama Lor

Mama Lor Restaurant & Bakery is all about barbecue dishes and delicious baked goods. The Rooty Hill mainstay offers a variety of Filipino and Asian dishes including crispy-skin roast pork, grilled whole squid, grilled marinated pork belly and more. As for baked goods, expect everything from purple yam pastries, butter cakes, bread rolls with butter filling and more. See the full menu here.
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5. Sir Manong

Sir Manong is all about authentic and flavourful Filipino cuisine served in a casual dining space. Classics like crispy pata, adobo pork kare kare and sisig are all on the menu with a modern twist to please diners. Don’t miss out on their standout lechon, with its perfectly crispy skin and juicy meat and for a burst of flavor, pair it with their delicious garlicky fried rice.

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